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Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies for agriculture and horticulture


It is of importance to us that our clients know that their machines are in good hands and that they can count on having them returned , in perfect conditon, as quickly as possible.

We guarantee great, efficient service!

- Our employees are constatntly being schooled in the latest methods. This allows us to continue to provide great service. Supplier knowledge and information is passed on to our employees and translated to the clients needs. This knowledge allows them to deliver on-time and on budget.

- An other method of fast service delivery is achieved through  a large spare parts stock: the John Deere Partssystem. If the client can't immediatley find what they're looking for we can order directly through the John Deere partssystem. The European distribution centre(EPDC) in Bruchsal, Germany, plays an important role in the worldwide parts distribution, and delivers parts to distributors, dealers, and depots all over the world.

* You can order John Deere parts till 16h30 (17h30 during season)
* 99% of all parts are available t our distribution centre
* open 24 hours a day
* Worldwide efficient delivery
* Faultproof follow-up system
* Professional fitting

You'll be back on track in no time!

If you need a part to keep a machine going we are able to have it in our stock by 8 o'clock the following day if the order was place before 16h30.  Only a true John Deere Dealer, can order spare parts through our JDPoint (John Deere Parts on the Internet). This also allows us to find parts located with other dealers nearby.
The F.L.A.S.H. (Fast Locating and Special Handling) system allows us to check all European and US stock.

- During the peak season we also offer 24/7 service!


Time is of the essence, if you need you're machines to keep running we'll provide back-ups if necessary!

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